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The History of The Regency Hotel in Leicester

This attractive and distinctive building with wonderful twin balconies was erected in c.1902 as a pair of three-storey private building dwellings. In its early years Coeshill was occupied by the builder of the properties, Frederick Edward Thurlby Bramley and between the two World Wars it was the home of Frank Harvey Thurlby Bramley of Messrs Norman & Ltd, bleachers and finishers, Westcotes works, Western Road, Leicester. Coleshill was finally merged with The Crest in the late 1950s to become one building to serve one purpose, details of which are given with the definitive details of The Crest.Upon completion of the two houses The Crest became the home of John Denzil Javis, The Head of the firm of Messrs JD Jarvis & Company, Midland shop fitting works, Charles Street and free school lane, Leicester. He later became the managing partner of Messrs Wadkin & Company, engineers, London Street in the town.

The Titanic

John Denzil Javis, who was one of 17 children born in Newport, South Wales, resided at The Crest with his wife Margaret and their two sons. He sailed from Southampton as a second – class passenger on the RMS Titanic on 10 April 1912.

It was the maiden voyage of the world’s largest steamship bound New York. Many of the passengers, including John D.Jarvis, were on route to America on business on the ‘unsinkable Titanic’. At 11.40 p.m. on Sunday 14th April the Titanic struck an iceberg some 350 miles south- east of Newfoundland, when the great liner was still more than a thousand miles from New York.

The ill-fated ship took just 2 hours 40 minutes to sink and of the 2,228 passengers on board only 705 were saved.

John Denzil, together with three other Leicester people, lost their live on that terrible night.

A permanent reminder of John Denzil Jarvis is a Celtic cross, bearing an inscription to his memory in St Magdalene churchyard,

Knighton, Leicester.

Mrs Margaret Jarvis (nee Burrows) later married James Wedgewood Heath of Messrs J.W Heath & Company boot and shoe factors, 3-Wellington Street, Leicester. James and Margaret Heath became Mayor and Mayoress of Leicester in 1921/22